MP200. Exclusive Multi-Instruments Scoring Model 独家多商品评价模型



No matter you do the auto-trading or manual-trading, to find a good and easy instrument to trade is important factor for if you can make money.

Good and easy to trade instrument means it doesn’t always run sideway and consolidation but it has obvious “TREND” attribute.

Therefore, this special solution is built from the practice, and using exclusive instrument estimation model.

It will give score for each instrument to measure if it’s a good and easy to trade instrument or not.

And via the market scanner of MC, it will sort all monitored instruments.

User can find good instruments to trade manually or automatically, it will have much bigger opportunity to win!


(You can compare following 2 pictures, one is higher score (0.68) instrument and much easier to trade then another lower score (0.16) instrument always is in consolidation and hard to trade.)


不论你是自动交易或是人工交易, 找好做的商品, 绝对是能否获利的一个重大因素.

好做的商品特征在于, 它的走势不会上下乱震一通, 通常也具有较明显的方向性.

因此本解决方案,是由实务需求出发, 采用了本站独家的一套商品评价模型.

针对每个商品的好做程度, 给予评分.

并且透过MC的市场扫描功能, 对所有监控商品进行排序.

使用者可以找最近好做的商品来做人工或自动交易. 成功机会相对高很多!


(如下图所示, 较高分的商品(0.68), 趋势性较明显, 比较好做,

较低分的商品(0.16), 震来震去, 相对较难做)


Because this’s source code product, sorry we don’t provide the refund service if after buying. Thanks for your understanding!




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