MP199. TDI Reversal Indicator 逆势转折指标



This is indicator designed for reversal trading.

When the yellow line break down the channel and the position is low enough, then watch it cross up to pink line, it will be a good opportunity to buy. And vice versa.

It’s a good for the trader who like to do the reversal trading.


这是抓转折所使用的一套指标, 在黄线跌破信道下缘且位置够低时, 翻上去交叉粉红线,

则是抄底机会, 反之, 拉过通道上缘且够高时, 跌下来的做空点也是一样.



Because this’s source code product, sorry we don’t provide the refund service if after buying. Thanks for your understanding!



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